Riverman Cabin Country Lodger - Tonteldoos

Riverman Cabin is a farm located in the Hamlet of Tonteldoos and therefore accessed via a 27 km gravel road on the preferred route from Dullstroom with an estimated 40min of travel time. (Other routes may require 4x4)

Due to our private, remote and mountainous location, please expect the relevant terrain. The roads are gravel and only for those with a sense of adventure. You can expect a bumpy ride on certain sections and therefore we strongly recommend a high clearance vehicle.

Should you be travelling in a sedan, please take a slow drive up and we suggest that you lower your tyre to 1.9bar (low profile vehicle is not recommended).

Our rainy seasons are in the summer months and the roads may be muddy and slippery, we recommend extra precautionary driving during our wet seasons.

Please try and arrive in daytime to make the navigation on the road easier and to admire the beauty of untouched nature, we promise that your trip up to us will be well worth it.