Please select a cabin and use the form supplied to reserve your booking.

Important Info:

Please note: The roads become slippery when wet. We recommend vehicles with a high ground clearance. Guests travelling with low vehicles must take extra care on the gravel road – we are in Tonteldoos, 30kms of gravel road from Dullstroom (only 20kms gravel road if you travel via Middelburg/Stoffberg).

Daily housekeeping for the Rainbow, Brown & Wiggly Stone cabins are included in the rate. Should you require a housekeeper for the Dragonfly, Pheasant tail, Golden or Fly Inn cabins on weekends or public holidays, please book at least two days in advance, in order to avoid disappointment.
Housekeeper fees: R100 per day.

Cellphone Reception
Please note that the cell phone reception on the farm is very poor.
Should you need to urgently contact someone, the landline in reception can be used.

Credit & Debit Card Facilities
Please note that we can accept any card with a pin.
EFT's can be done only if Riverman is listed as a beneficiary before checking in, due to the fact that cellphone reception is very poor. 

Please note that due to the fact that Riverman is a self-catering establishment, and the nearest towns are 30km+ from Riverman, it is advised to buy all your necessary groceries and meats in the nearest town, before you depart, or in the nearest town, before you get on the gravel road. Weekend essentials such as charcoal, wood, ice and firelighters can be bought at Riverman.

Pet Policy
Kindly read the following policy & information before bringing pets:
Keep in mind that we do have other guests (who might also bring pets) – some who wouldn’t mind a visit from a furry friend, but some who would like to be left in peace. Please make sure that your pet is accompanied at all times. You might also run into a fellow guest with a pet, thus please make sure that your pet is not aggressive towards animals/people and are well socialized. Bring their own beds & bedding and refrain from using our beds & furniture – a fine will be given to guests whose pets have been allowed on the bedding and or furniture. You will be on a farm, thus when roaming outside, ticks & fleas will be unavoidable. Please make sure that you take precautions for your pet to ensure not only their safety, but avoid an outbreak of ticks and or fleas in the cabins.

Please respect our other guests by cleaning up after your pet – although we do have staff who clean around the cabins, they are not on the property 24/7. We have free roaming sheep on the farm, and the cabins are not fenced off. Should your pet chase after other animals, please keep them on a leash when going for walks. The sheep are opened to roam from 7am – 3pm, where after they go into their kraal for the night. They are not opened on Sundays, when they remain in their kraal.

Although the lodge is pet friendly, the inside of the restaurant is not – we do have seating available outside where dogs are welcome. Pets’ owners will be held liable for any damages, injuries or death suffered to property, livestock, staff and other guests or visitors.

Grocery boxes
Have your groceries for your stay ready in your cabin upon arrival.
Please note that grocery boxes must be arranged at least one week before arrival.